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Edit & Query mySQL records from Microsoft Access


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Does anyone have experience with linking Microsft Access to a mySQL db? This is what I'm trying to accomplish:


1. Customer makes an order

2. Get's written to the orders table in database on the server

3. I open up an Access file and I click on orders query.

4. All the orders show up and I can edit the status of each order. (shipped, pending, etc.)

5. I open up Microsoft Word and do a mail merge with the database of all the orders that are to be shipped.


6. Each order gets printed in word with the Stamps.com prepaid barcode.


As you can see I'm trying to automate everything. Problem right now is figuring out how to connect microsoft access to the mySQL db.



pat :blush:

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I have not done it with OS Commerce's database, but I have in the past hooked up Mysql with Acess by using the mysql OBDC driver in access ...


I think I downloaded it from the mysql site.


My understanding is that your host has to allow remote access to the database ...

if you have "localhost" in your config file ... that would not be remote access ... you have to have a mysql address that looks like a domain name.


Which in my experience is not all that common ... One of the hosts I use allows it but discourges remote access side form testing.


I think what I would do is make a script run on the server to create a separate, new table in the database and then, if possible use Access to get that table.


Alternatively, you could build a simple script to run on your host that dumps from orders into a comma delimited text file, then make a visual basic script that ftp's it to your computer and imports directly into word for mailmerge.


c ya,

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