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SSL/Certificate questions before setup


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Hi All,


I just purchased my security certificate and I'm getting ready to set it up and then the SSL for osc. My webserver has four sites on it with one domain name being named as servername and the others three set up via virtualhost in apache. I've set it up with through the company I register with so that when user type in www.domain.com OR domain.com it is directed to the appropriate site. Here's my dilema.


Do I set the certificate up for domain.com or www.domain.com?

I've read quite a bit on this but it still seems to be an outstanding issue.


I'd like the share the certificate if I get another store. Can I set the certificate up on my main named server and then share it with the virtual hosted domains?


Thanks for input,



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You can only use the certificate for other sites if the sites are in folders of the same domain, or if the ssl part of the 2nd, 3rd domain etc. are provided in folders of your main domain (this would create problems with access to FTP).


Whether the certificate uses www. or not depends upon your server, and you find this out when you generate the Certificate Signing Request (CSR) - prior to buying the cert.



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