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The e-commerce.

Can this be done?


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Hello all,


This is something I like to try out...


By Osc default, all products share the same layout from product_info.php, which is product description text, product image on the right and two buttons(review and Buy now).


Let's say in Product A. I want the Osc default information + product special features + product history with a different layout.


In Product B, I want the default info + product history only with another different layout.


I tried to search the contributions for it but to no avail. I'm sure it can be done and is fairly easy for the veterans but I don't know where to begin as I'm fairly new to php and mysql. Is there a similar contribution that I can download to learn to modify to what I want? or anyone can kindly guide me with the steps I needed to get it done? Thanks

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Hi, can anyone help with this? Thanks




You might take a look at the STS and BTS template contributions to see how they approached this. I don't know either of them but I assume they are based on tags which pull one or the other part into osC.

If I would want something like you are looking for my approach would probably be like this:

- add a field to the products database where I can define a template file to be used with that specific product (ie. product_info_basic.php for the default layout, product_info_special1.php for a different layout etc.)

- strip the stock osC product_info.php from those parts I want to show dynamically and replace that with an include to the template php-file you defined with each product.

- create the seperate product template files


Basicly that should be it.

A simpler approach might be to add a tag to your product definitions and change the default product_info.php so it will show those parts you want or not want based upon those tags.

Hope this gives you some idea(s)




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Hey there Tupper,


STS will allow individual product_info displays. You may want to forego using the actual tags and just copy in the osc product_info then rework the display for each.



Everything's funny but nothing's a joke...

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Thanks for the help.


Iggy> I have installed quite a number of admin contributions and they don't work easily with STS. The codes are too much a challenge for me(a php newbie) to merge with STS. I've tried that but I gave up.


Are there alternative ways?



Howard> I'll try your suggestion and hopefully I'm able to get it done.



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