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The e-commerce.

Price varies on the size of garment


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I am setting up an osCommerce store and I was wondering if there is a way that I can get the price of the item to change according to the size without creating a whole new product listing?



Basically a shirt is $20 for sizes S-XL

2XL $25

3XL $26




any suggestions?

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You could set the attributes for that item to be +5 and +6 for those sizes.


Go to Admin panel/catalog/products attributes


Make a folder like "sizes" (if there isnt one there for you to use already)


add in that folder all the sizes you carry s-3xl


Then when you add your product you can "edit attributes"


You click the box that applies on the left, and add the additional amount on the right ($5.00, $6.00)

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He's on the right track, do a search for attributes on the forums here, and in the contributuions. It will be the way to solve your problem, but there will likely be some things you don't like about how it works in an unmodified site (the way they are displayed, the way they are entered, eg, some contribs help in this regard).



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Are you talking in the value price field adding the extra money? If so, that would be cool! And that would work on a per item sizing? In other words, the price increase is not set to the size, but to the garment. So one item could be $2.00 more for a 2XL and a nother item would be $3.00 more for a 2XL

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I dont really know much about this stuff, so when I see a topic that I can help on, I jump on it. Im bad at explaining things tho, :(

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