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Best way to track qty on two types of same item


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I've spent some time poring over all the popular contributions. Hoping someone can just make a suggestion to me, as the options are dizzying.


I basically need to keep track of two "types" of a given item. Say I have hundreds of products, and each one comes in a normal and "enhanced" version.


I know I can set options and option values and so forth, but I don't think there is a way to separate out the quantities for each type of item. This isn't the sort of option that I can just "add" or "not add" to an item for sale -- they are either enhanced, or not.


I thought about just setting up two different categories, with the same products, descriptions, etc. but different product codes. But this is a major pain, because sometimes customers will want four or five of a given product, and if I'm out of the normal, may want to fill it with enhanced variants.


There is the QTYPro package. There is the potential for the use of Products Attributes. There is the built-in osC options and option values.


Which is the best way? I'm using Special Pricing per Customer, and Easy Populate.


Suggestions welcome.

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