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The e-commerce.

PHP Fatal error:


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When I get to this step




I get this error message:


PHP Fatal error: Call to undefined function: osc_in_array() in d:\webserver\strongchoice.com\www\catalog\install\install.php on line 20


Is there something I can do?


Also, at the same step on a local testing Windows server, the PHP page loads just past the header, just below "Database Import" where it stops loading.


Is this some kind of permissions issue?

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I found that I got the same error, which was tracked back to me installing the Register_global_fix contribution.

Once I removed that contribution (and changed register_global=on), the issue was resolved.


It appears that there is a mismatch in the version of RegisterGlobal fix available and the downloadable OSCommerce code. I have not had time to track it down. I'm running with register_global for now, but that wont work for my production system.


Someone surely knows more about this than I. Any suggestions?

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I got the same problem...


The resolution for me was error in my mysql config.


Make sure you have set the permissions right to the user you have specified.


Ex. I missed to make the 'database.*' in the GRANT command.

It should read somethin like this:

GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON database.* TO 'user'@'host' IDENTIFIED BY 'password';



At least that solved it for me.

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Hi I have same problems.


When installing oscommerce on a brand new machine with suse 10 64 bit version, I get the same result with stopping at the database import screen, showing half of it. But when I tried exactly the same installation on an ordinary PC 32bit. It worked !!


Also regarding the fatal errors. I have had some of them. When checking into the code, they have allways been places were there has been a check if PHP version is greater than ## then do new_function, else do old_function.

When commenting out the new_function, it removes the error.


I am running PHP 4.4.0, maybe there is a problem with that version of PHP?

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