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Pending Orders & Customer Emails


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I am a US company and use PlugnPay as my gateway. Something has changed and I don't know how to fix it. Most of my business is international so I have a lot of declined credit cards. The order shows up as pending on my admin page, but there is no order when I click on it. There must be a setting I don't know about so I can delete the pending orders. I have looked everywhere I can think of.


Also, just in the last month or so, when I update the order process from pending, processing, and then shipping, the email that goes to the customer is blank.


Any help I can get will be appreciated. Also, if you will take a look at my site and see if any changes should be made.



Lynn Mehal


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I don't know if you resolve this problem yet.


I can help with the pending orders part, but I don't

know how to help with the blank emails.


Any orders that Authorize.net doesn't approve

end up as pending orders, but the orders don't

show up when you clicked the Pending Orders link.


I fixed the total (after some assistance here at the

osCommerce forum) by going into the MySQL

database order tables and deleting the bogus pending

orders. If you aren't sure which orders are bogus,

go to "orders_status" and see what code your database

uses for pending orders (usually 1 is pending, 2 is

processing, and 3 is shipped).


Then, delete the orders that are pending that should

not exist. In my case, it was easy because I shouldn't

have had any pending orders. I deleted all of the

pending orders.


You will want to delete them from all of the "orders"

tables if they are present. They won't be in all of

the tables. Most likely, they will only be in the base

"orders" table.


Your Pending Orders should now reflect the correct



Hope this helps,


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