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The e-commerce.

New Webshop (European market)


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Hi everybody,


The new internet shop of Della Casa Italiana is almost finished. Please take a look at www.dellacasaitaliana.com/shop


This internet shop is primarily meant for the Dutch but also for the whole European market.


Things to do:

Adjust standard buttons, find a way to give a premium at X amount or the first X orders. Also the Dutch text (conditions, pricay statement etc.) must be translated to English.


Please give me your input about the look and feel of the site, still bugs around?... etc.


Thanks in advance

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It would be nice to have a clickable link.. Your Webpage


So here is some remarks that im sure everyone would have said but is most likely sick of saying..


What would you like feedback on? the header you changed or the colours and the image on the righthand side.


First of all i would like to say i am amazed you have been a member for near two years and only just now asking for feedback and second is what you have managed to do to your site in that two years.


Here goes and i hope you have a strong chin, the lay out is stock the image on the right side makes all the boxes look bigger than they need to be,changing the colours and adding a few images to the site must have taken at least a day or so, nothing has really changed from the stock osC site so i have nothing really too say..


Some people here including myself have taken mts to design and add contributions and still have only just started. ( and in my cage my site still look rubbish compaired with some others here)


So when people ask for feed back on a site that looks pretty much like it did before you started and get no feedback please don't be so shocked.


Anyway good luck hope you spend a little longer changing and improving your site.


Kind regards




nothing is wrong with stock site just no one will have much to say about it.

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