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Translate French into English


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Hi, Gurus,



I have someone tailed an online shop. It is handled to me already, so it is time for me to maintain.


My developper has voucher/coupon contribution installed, which comes in French. I found there are some strings are not translated into English. And unfortunately, I know nothing about French. So could any of your guys translate it for me? After that I will make a search and replace. Thanks.


These strings are :


Ordre de tri


Ordre de tri pour I'affichage (Le plus petit nombre est montrer en premier).


Mode de calcule


Quel mode utiliser pour recalculer la taxe?


Type de taxe


Quel type de taxe voulez-vous utiliser pour les coupons de reduction?



-David Wang

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I don;t know the contribution but the translation should be something like this:


Sort order


Sort order for posting (The smallest number is shown first)


Calculation method


Which method to use to recalculate the tax?


Type of tax


Which type of tax would you like to use for the vouchers?


That (??)

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