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Hi.....I have been Dreamweaver for years and instead of going the long way to set up an ecommerce store, am investigating several options for shortcutting this process. I am just starting with oscommerce, and have a couple of q's.......

1. Generally the categories are on the left hand side. Can I have sub-categories which indent and drop down from the category heading when clicked? Is this something Oscommerce provides in the setting up or do I have to work out how to hand code this to make this happen?

2. Any other suggestions using Dreamweaver and my objective to sell online?


many thanks



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Welcome aboard.


The category menu indents subcategories once the main category has been clicked. You can show all categories at once, with subcats indented, or use a java or css version to amend the layout - just do a good search of the contribution section for categories and you'll find lots of different solutions for menu's.


Personally, I hate Dreamweaver, but thats just me - i tend to use either NotePad or PHP Coder, but I know loads and loads of people use oscommerce with Dreamweaver.


As for getting started, take the plunge - the only way to figure this stuff out and start doing things with it is to install it and start playing - there are over 2000 contribs to make it do near enough anything you want, and if there is something that hasn't been done yet, the support on these forums is beyond compare!

Please note - if I have suggested a contrib above, it doesnt mean it will work! Most of the contribs are not ones I've used, but may be useful for your particular problem....

Have you tried a refined search? Chances are your problem has already been dealt with elsewhere on the forums.....

if (stumped == true) {


} else {

$random_query = tep_fetch_answer($forum_query)


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The categories list is dynamically created, so whatever solution you choose will be in the form of PHP script. There are a variety of contributions claiming to offer enhancements to category lists. Browse through them and see if one meets your needs.


As for Dreamweaver, it's great for osC and editing PHP. But it isn't going to help you style your categories on its own.

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