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No Logout from Admin - you must do this!


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As a newbie to this osCommerce setup, I feel that it is very important to let everybody here who are also new about the LOGOUT thing from the admin panel.



Here's what I did find and correct me if I am wrong:




Even if you close your web browser, switch off your internet connection, or your computer, the admin panel accessing your Online Store is opened!


So don't let people know of your online store existence BEFORE you figure out how to protect this!


So what I need to do:


PASSWORD PROTECT YOUR /catalog/admin directory


Do this from your Domain Admin/Manager.


Enter a username and a password.


Then open web browser, open your /catalog/admin, and it asks for your password.


Once back in, close it and then try to enter again. This is to make sure that the password protection is for real.


I tried to do the .htaccess thingy, but it doesn't accept my password. So I think it is better to use the password protection feature from your domain admin.

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There are better ways avaiable to make it secure. Like the Admin Access Version 2.2 in the contributions section. Yours is like a fast way to do it. In osCommerce MS 3, the admin panel would be password-protected by default with both login (with password) and logout features.


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