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can't get "on the file thumbnails" working?


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Hi, i can't seem to get this contribution working.


I've created a sub-directory in /images and admin/images/ called 'thumbnails'


Uploaded both product_thumb.php files to correct folders.


Inserted code onto both html_output.php output files


changed code on admin configure.php


And it hasn't made any difference to the thumbnails on the site! (theres no change in thumnail file size, or change of link filenames to thumbnails)


The only change ive seen is in the admin page, where i go to edit the products, - the thumnail for each product does not show up, however the filename changes to for example: "




Am i doing something really dumb here?


I assume the thumbnail php file converts all my existing images into smaller thumbnails (in terms of filesize) but it aint working!


any help would be greatly appreciated


many thanks

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I take it that you didn't have the thumbnail contribution installed before. The thumbnailer is triggered in the admin-section, because you wrote down the url of product_thumb which does the thumbnailing. I suggest you get that to work before you try and fix the frontpage of your store (which is still showing pictures) ;)


Now see if we can find out what's wrong. Is the image that you gave as an example really there? Type https://www.yourdomain.com/catalog/admin/../images/24234.jpg into your browser and see if it displays the entire picture. If it shows, try the next url:


If it doesn't show a picture, try clearing your browser-cache and hit Ctrl-F5 within browser afterwards. Still no picture? Disable $tn_browser_cache and $tn_server_cache and see if that makes a difference.

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I hope you read the entire readme, because there's also some instructions that you should edit (or at least verify) your store configuration. Hopefully you've done all that...


But it's getting late, so I guess I'll read about that in the morning :D

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Arrrrrgh, I just woke up when suddenly it hit me. You may have been using version 2.0.0 which contains a bug. Please update to version 2.0.1 if that is the case, or better yet, update to version 2.1.1 which also supports browser-caching of thumbnails and saves you bandwidth and pageloading times.


I think this will fix it. Sorry for not thinking about this sooner :blush:

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