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The e-commerce.

2 Issues


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Good Morning Everyone,


I have 2 questions, i appreciate ANY help or leads anyone can give me.


Let's say i sell candy. Each candy is $15/ea... however:

1)If someone buy's 5 pieces of candy, instead of costing $15x5 = $75 it will cost them $49.


Another scenario, if i am selling my software online.

2)How can i set something up so that someone can choose to Ship their order or download it.




-Deepshock :thumbsup:

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I've figured out the download issue, for anyone who is interested:



If anyone can give me some insight on the discount pricing problem.


To summarize...


I have 2 Products, Let's say Candy and Fruits. Nothing is to be done with fruits...




Each Candy Costs $15/ea, but i have a deal where if you buy 5 candy peaces it'll be 5 for $49. So instead of the normal $15 x 5 = $75 i would like it to calculate this $49 deal in. Any thoughts?


Thanks! :P



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