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Purge saved credit cards


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I have searched the forums with little result. I have a shopping cart with about 100 orders before the credit card started getting split and half sent via email.


I would like to purge those saved credit cards without having to do it by hand.


I don't really understand sql queries, I am sure I could learn, but I have so many other projects it would take less time to just purge them by hand.


I was hoping someone might be able to suggest a sql query I can run from phpMyAdmin. Or perhaps a php script to run from time to time to purge the records.



I appreciate any help you can offer.

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What exactly do you want to do? Just blank out the credit card details for these orders (if so, what are the fields?), or delete orders (and associated child records) for orders where the credit card data was stored in full?


You can't expect anyone to be confident in writing a query to help you with such a wishy washy requirement definition.

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Seek and ye shall find....  :)







Man, that is exactly what I need. I really didn't know the right search terms I guess.


I think I remember you helping me out in the past Robert, a very memorable avatar!


Thanks alot, I am good to go.

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