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Send Extra Order Emails


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All other mail functions work fine (contact, customers get all mails), the only problem is I don't get email of order. Where can I change this setting besides in Configuration. Store is all customized but all email.php files are the same as in original installation, functions and classes folders are also the same as original?


any help is appreciated

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Another thing I noticed is when user puts non-valid e-mail address I get reply (Mail delivery failed) not to address I specified in Configuration but to my Webmail account I have on server. I never inserted that address anywhere in configuration.


So basically when customer orders something he gets his mail completely normal, I don't get anything and if customers e-mail address is wrong I get failed mail to server's webmail address!!


Anyone else got a problem like this??

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hmm, well open up your "checkout_process.php" file.


skip down to around line 277 (mines modded, so could be higher)



$adminsubject = "iMuffs Customer Order #" . $insert_id;

tep_mail('', SEND_EXTRA_ORDER_EMAILS_TO, $adminsubject, $email_order, STORE_OWNER, STORE_OWNER_EMAIL_ADDRESS);



make sure this whole thing is even there. mines modded though, I added a variable called $adminsubject so that I knew the emails were specifically copies sent out to the list of names on the "Send Extra Order Emails To" in admin.


I know from experience though on your second question about getting a bounced email back to a differnt address.


for one of my other sites, all bounced email goes to the email address that is the owner of the domain. This is just a default thing so that the email is not lost in oblivion. otherwise it would have nowhere to go and you would never know about the error

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I found the problem... Looks like OSC can't send emails IF in Configuration

"E-Mail Address"


"Send Extra Emails To"

have THE SAME e-mail address

After I changed e-mail address of the store everything started to work fine.


Another thing: how can I add order number in subject field and how can I add telephone number to body of order?

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off hand, I don't know about the telephone number...


but the order number is the variable $insert_id on that particular page..


note where $adminsubject goes in the tep_mail() call. that is where you want to put the subject.....technically you can just write your own text... . 'Subject:'.


please, don't forget to change the subject from "iMuffs order #" to a more personal one for your company! :)

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