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critical problem with checkout_confirmation.php


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Ok, this is major, going live in about 12 hours after months of editing!


right now, when the user selects one shipping address and then a different billing address, the shipping confirmation page only shows the billing address as the same as shipping address......


I have tested completly on the shipping page.....i can change it and it is reflected on the top.


same for payment page, I have tested it, and it is the same on top.


the purchases are going through ok with PayPal Web Payments Pro in Sanbox mode, but still, this shouldn't be happening.


Can someone help me out please! I've looked through the forum and can't find this problem.


will give discounts!!!!! :)

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very comfusing. the checkout_shipping.php is the page that will display shipping info. the checkout_payment.php displays the billing address. The checkout_comfirmation.php is the summary and will display the addresses that were selected.

"Chooca ma blah blah"

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yes, very confusing.


update to the problem.


Well it turns out that even when I go through with the order, the order email auto response has the shipping address as the billing address as well.


this is really bad.......I have not messed with any of the code that would calculate these things.....


what happens is if I edit from the checkout_confirmation page, THEN the data sticks....but not when I use the "change address" in the payment page. (again, the change for billing address is reflected on the actual payment page on the top, but it dosn;t seem to go through to the confirmation page)


please help1!!!!!

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I just need to know where to look... I mean all the variables seem right on the confirmation page:


for shipping

<?php echo tep_address_format($order->delivery['format_id'], $order->delivery, 1, ' ', '<br>'); ?>


for billing

<?php echo tep_address_format($order->billing['format_id'], $order->billing, 1, ' ', '<br>'); ?>


does this mean something isn't updateing the DB correctly?


again, I hate to sound like I'm begging or something, but this is a very major error!

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