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The e-commerce.

great prog.. great support, terrible forums


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This has to be said, if it hasnt been said before.


OS commerce is superb, the community is superb, the contributions are superb.. everything about is is an asset to us all.. apart from this awful forum.


Considering the the 'search' function takes up 90% of the members reasons for visiting this forum, its pretty bad.


Surely a vbulletin licence and a conversion wouldnt be that difficult to implement?


I'm not moaning.. its just soooooooooo frustrating trying to trawl through irrelevant search results. What makes it even more frustrating is the under 4 letters feature which is a nightmare considering most of the search terms would surely be code, which is bound to include several short words.


There, i've said it :P


invisonboard is old.. time for an update.

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