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Very Simple Question about emails

Bud Fox

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Hi all.

Just a quickie.


I've configured my store quite happily, but one thing is confusing me. Should an order automatically send an email to the store owner, alerting them that an order has been placed?


At the moment they 'buyer' gets a confirmation email, but the store owner needs to check orders in Admin to check if any orders have arrived.


Even with an email address in the 'send extra order emails to' field, there is still no email sent to the seller.


Weird, and I guess I've gone wrong somewhere.

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Make sure that 'your' e-mail addresses are based on your domain and are not outside e-mail addresses e.g. mysales@hotmail.com


Then, don't use this format for entering your e-mail address:


use this format:




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I think I've got it done correctly, but it doesn't work. Maybe some kind soul could check?


Site is www.aromany.co.uk and the config is in the usual place, and as yet unprotected. (That'll be my next problem)


It is however safely backed up and non-functional.


Cheers all

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Try updating 'Configuration->My Store->Send extra order Emails to'. This is about 10 lines down. When I placed my Email address in there I'm sure I received one after I did a test order.

If you have already done that, ignore the above.

The type of email I used was 'name@My_web_site'.


Hope this helps.

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