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Password Protect


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Heys guys,anyone know how to password protect your admin page?



Yes, this must been answered a thousand times by now - theres a great future here - located at the topright... 'Search' right next to the forum rules.

I'm sure you gonna find multiple answers there.


To help you on your way - there are different ways to protect your admin.


You can us .htpasswd and .htaccess (sometimes provided with your host on his cpanel and in other cases you have to make it yourself, you can find lots of info on internet using google and search for .htpasswd)


Or you can use one of the contributions that protect your admin. Follow the link 'Community' => 'Contributions', you gonna find a great search there to.


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Contributions | KnowledgeBase | osCommerce 2.2 pdf

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Most web hosting control panels have a Password Protect or Directory Protection feature which will do all the hard work for you (write the .ht files automatically).



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