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warning message and page display


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My Webpage


hi i hope some kind person will help me. my problem started a week ago, with a warning message and page display problems. i backed up my site and took it down, reloaded the original and still the same probelm, thinking that some files were corrupt.


i have also tried to follow the warning instructions, by creating the missing dirctory and trying to set the pathway as instructed on the apprioate php files. but i am not a programmer and i don't know the correct way of writting code. i can open the right files find the right lines eg line 118 & 67, but thats it, i'm afraid i'm lots!!!!


if you could log onto my site and read the warning message and tell me what i actually have to write and how i would be very grateful.


many thanks Annie :rolleyes:

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Yeah, I looked at it....


go to includes/configure.php and admin/includes/configure.php and

change your database session setting to this :


define('STORE_SESSIONS', 'mysql')


this should fix you

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Just to let you all know i have now sorted the problem and the page displays fine


i opened includes/functions/sessions/ and edited the line 118



function tep_session_save_path($path = '') {

if (!empty($path)) {

return session_save_path ;


so if ya get a simlar problem, you'll know what to do.

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