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Products in boxes


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Ok, I have found something similar to what I want and I would like to know if it is doable.




This link shows the boxes I would like to use for my product listing instead of the default rows.


I would like it to do the following


1. Centered on the page with the OSC left & right columns where they are supposed to be.


2. Bottom right of the box, I would like the price. Bottom left of box "add to cart".


3. Top of box I would like the name of the product linkable to the description.


4. Inside the box, a thumbnail of the product.


5. I would like there to be 4 columns x 15 rows per page and a link at the bottom of the page for "next page" should there be more than 60 products.


Ok, so is this possible or are you sitting there laughing at me. Even if I can't do the fancy boxes, can I at least do columns with add to cart an view buttons under the products?


I saw a contrib for putting products in columns, however when I saw the example page, it turned me off because it was a mess.


Any help is greatly appreciated!


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Probably do-able - that's pretty much how things like this display the products:

You'd have to pick that one apart to see how it's done and try and implement it into the index.php file.


Good luck... :thumbsup:


Thanks for the suggestion, but after looking at some screenshots, this is not what I am looking for.


Somehow I have to create an infobox and have osc call it to the main page using the product query to fill in the info. I think thats what I have to do, anyway.

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