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The e-commerce.

10,000+ similar products..


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Here's basically what I'm aiming to do with this store:


It's a Sports themed store, I want top categories along the lines of all the different kinds of sports (baseball, football, hockey, etc etc). For this example we'll just use football. When someone chooses this they are presented with the divisions of the sport- AFC/NFC. From there it lists the teams in that division... from there choose the teams themselves and under that the products.


As if that wasn't tricky enough:


Let's say we have 5 different types of products, T-shirts, Ball Caps, etc. Basically these are blank products with a variety of team slogans (lets say 10 slogans per team) that we can place on each item.


Suddenly there starts to be a ton of items! Doing each one of these items with their own picture as a unique item in the standard fashion sounds horridly time consuming and I imagine it would be a navigation nightmare!!


My thought was that under each team, list the products available for the team (T-shirt, Caps, etc) and then when they select that type of product, perhaps there could be a dropdown list of all the slogans they could choose from for that team to be put on that product. Each slogan on each product would also have to have an SKU or ID attributed to it..


I don't even know if this is possible using OSC. If it is, is there a contribution (or 20?) that would help in this endeavor. I was looking at the Custom Computer Creator contrib. but not sure if it will really do what I'm looking to do.


Any one have any suggestions? ideas?


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along with attribute sets, tied in with the built in products attributes of osCommerce



Oi! Starting to think this is going to get confusing for my first time OSC install :-"


Attributes seem to be a complex situation. Do you have any really good informative info (like a doc I missed or a guide) for a n00b like me?




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