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Passing ShipInCart info to checkout_shipping.php


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I was looking through a forum a while back and found an exact method on how to pass the information from the ShipInCart mod on the shopping cart page to the checkout_shipping.php page.


i.e. when you click a shipping method in ShipInCart and get an updated total, I want it to pass the information to the checkout_shipping.php page so you don't have to re-select your shipping method.


if anyone knows the answer, OR where to find the thread with the answer, I'd be a happy boy!



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Hello all again...


I looked throughout the site......man it's hard to search in this forum.....it would be nice if you could search WITHIN a specific thread instead of the entire section.


anyways, still need help!....I can't find this info and I need it badly...again, I don't need the complete answer (unless you want to give it to me :) but I just need to find the post that explains the problem...


again, I need to pass the information that is selected in ShipInCart to the checkout_shipping.php page.......so that the same shipping option is selected (and address is possible)

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