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FedEx quotes are slightly high....help!!!


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I'm using FedEx direct 2.04 and I'm having a problem with the rates that FedEx is returning.


If I login to my account through the FedEx site, I see the list / discounted rates......when I use osCommerce, I see rates that are just a bit off. I have matched all the settings between the fedex site and the fedex module in the admin panel.


here is an example:


FedEx Express saver for a 2.0 lb package without any dimensions entered, starting from san francisco 94107 to chicago, 60657 costs:


list - 16.85 / my rate - 16.11


on osCommerce I get:


17.00 even.....this is with list rates turned off (i tried with it on as well)


any suggestions on what I should do?


the test site is at:




if anyone wants to tinker....


please help! going live monday!

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Have you checked your configuration? There is a setting in your admin area under configuration for shipping that adds a tare weight. You may want to tinker with that and see if it makes a difference.

Wendy James


Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Art is knowing which ones to keep.

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I know with the UPS XML there is a place where you can adjust the

handling fee, but I have never used the FEDEX osc intergration... but to tell you the truth is 15 cents a big deal?.... If someone spends $180 on headphones I don't think 15 cents is going to kill them.


None the less I know how it is to want everything perfect, does the read me for this contribution say anything about rounding to the nearest exact dollar amount?

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