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The e-commerce.

Does anyone fancy....


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Tutoring me while i develop an online store using osCommerce? i can not afford to pay you as this is a personal project but i may be in the position to pass some freelance work your way at a later date!?


the store is already started and its just a case of giving me guidance and advice on the problems i come across!


if you are interested please email me stuart@funkdaweb.com


thanks in advance!


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its a fair enough deal! i own a web design company and am always getting asked for bits of coding here and there which i have to outsource as i am a beginner to PHP! They help me i help them! simple!


most of my PHP problems have been sorted anyway just needed advice n guidance rather than having to keep coming on here all the time!

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Yes and everyone who ever wanted anything cheap or for free always says "there is more work later". I think there is even a contribution called Dangling Carrot named just after this kind of sales technique.


Coming here all the time is what people with either no money or who are too stingy to part with it do.


Though if you "own" a web design company then I am suspect you are in the latter category.

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