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xmembers 2.2


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Hi, i was looking through the forums last night, but cant seem to find the answer to my problem. I have installed xmembers 2.2 but I am unable to get the discount to show up at checkout. I also installed the administrative feature that allows you to flag the customer as a member but when I go to admin, the flag is set to yes and nothing happens or there is no option of setting the flag at all. (only after I had reinstalled the contribution.)


suggestions anyone?


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Just installed this myself and was scratching my head - finally got it working now :)


You need to add the member flag in your database (ie via MySQL, phpMyAdmin), it's not something you can do from the admin panel.


Assuming you ran the SQL query included in the contribution (it's hidden at the top of the read me file - just one line) select the members you want to attract the discount (I do a search for the surname). It defaults all customers to NIL apart from the ones you want - for these set the member flag to 1 in MySQL phpMyAdmin.


Also ensure you set the parameters correctly in Admin/Modules/Order Totals, esp the sort order : mine is 5, if that helps - i.e. shows full price, then shipping, then sub total, less member discount....order total.


Hope that helps :)

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Thanks for your reply! I finally got the discount to come up but now, at checkout it reads:


Sub-Total: $18.73


Yonkers Tax: 8 1/2%: $1.51

United States Postal Service (1 x 4.5lbs) (Library): $2.95

Total: $22.51


ANy idea on how i can rename MODULE_XMEMBERS_TITLE to read Member Discount (or just discount?)


thanks again!

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It sounds like you haven't uoploaded the second file :




In addition, if you wish, you can edit the lines in that file and reupload :)


Specifically :


define('MODULE_XMEMBERS_TITLE', 'Members Discount')


Change 'Members Discount' to whatever you want...

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Hi All, I hope you don't mind me jumping in here!! I too have just installed the xmembers 2.2 didcount contrib and I'm a little confused!!


Firstly I thought that as soon as someone created an account the member_flag in the db should be set to 1 i.e. a member but it's set to 0 and I have to amend this using the admin feature described above. Sort of confusing ...


And the other this is this; my checkout shows


Sub Total: ?80.00


Zone Rates (Shipping to

GB : 0.3 lbs) ?1.05


Total ?81.05


Members Discount ?8.11




Should it not be:


Sub Total: ?80.00


Zone Rates (Shipping to

GB : 0.3 lbs) ?1.05


Members Discount ?8.11


Total ?72.94


i.e. Subtotal + shipping - members discount?


It just doesn't seem logical to me! And the custome may wonder whether the discount will be applied to his total or not.


Anyway can anyone clarify this.





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