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It's a system for making it easier to adjust the layout of stores (boxes etc), I believe.

You don't need to use it - IMO it's just a layer of unnecessary complexity that slows a store down (by adding a load more queries) and makes debugging twice as hard as it would be otherwise.

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Hi - sts = simple template system. Basically, you can create a template in html and apply it to your entire site. You can also create a specific template for individual pages and apply it. Very easy to use and to modify your entire site, but with a few major drawbacks:


1 - combining sts with other contribs can be problematic. This is a serious understatement, but most major contribs now consider sts and provide some kind of support in the forums, and some even have sts versions for download.

2 - can be a bugger to install. See above problem for why! If you already have contribs up and running, you better set some time aside to get them sts compliant.


Do you need it? I thought I did and spent hours installing it, and getting my store looking exactly how I wanted. It worked fine for about 14 months, then I got so p**ed off with conflicts that I took it off my site and just did some serious editing in stylesheet.css, includes/header.php, footer.php, column_left.php and column_right.php - same effect, much quickler site and no conflicts. Depends how much you want to get involved with the php side of things - if you want to stay with the html, sts is probably for you!

Please note - if I have suggested a contrib above, it doesnt mean it will work! Most of the contribs are not ones I've used, but may be useful for your particular problem....

Have you tried a refined search? Chances are your problem has already been dealt with elsewhere on the forums.....

if (stumped == true) {


} else {

$random_query = tep_fetch_answer($forum_query)


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