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Need Advice : Need an ecommerce website


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I know very little about osCommerce. I've just started going a lot of research. Please advise.


I currently have an ecommerce website that we designed using HTML. It's not fancy but it works. I'm creating a new ecommerce website that will only sell 10-15 specific products.


I want to choose a good professional looking template and shopping cart. I've been searching through google the last couple days and can not find a reasonable price for the website. I really just want to purchase a template, have someone slightly alter it for my needs, and purchase a shopping cart that can use the new Paypal Pro for credit cards.


Does osCommerce sound like a good fit? If so, why? Could someone with very little technical knowledge complete this project from start to finish?


Any advice would be great!

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To answer your last question first, I don't think there are currently any contributions for paypal pro (although I could be wrong), so this will need to be custom coded, which will require a moderate amount of technical skill.


OSC is pretty easy to customize looks-wise though.

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Yep, agree with the last post, but for gods sakes dont go and buy a template and crowbar it into oscommerce. If you are going to pay someone for this work, insist on an original design. The template sites offer some great looking designs, but your store will be virtually identical to countless others. Make your site stand out - use your own graphics and pay someone to implement them into osc - I daresay you already have a nice template with your existing site - use that.

Please note - if I have suggested a contrib above, it doesnt mean it will work! Most of the contribs are not ones I've used, but may be useful for your particular problem....

Have you tried a refined search? Chances are your problem has already been dealt with elsewhere on the forums.....

if (stumped == true) {


} else {

$random_query = tep_fetch_answer($forum_query)


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