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The e-commerce.

US Dollar is displayed in Currences


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How can I change the default currency in the main page from US Dollars to UK Pound. I have already made the relevent changes to Modules and such like and have changed to UK Pound as the Default, but this change is not reflected when I visit the shopping site. The Currencies Box still display US Dollars as the default.


Help please!



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so you have gone to localization, and edited uk bound, and clicked the tab "default"? If you have, close all your browsers, and clear your temp internet files and cookies, and then go back to it and see if that fixed the issue...

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I did what you advised but the default is set to UK Pounds in Localization, etc.


By the way, since I'm quite new to this game, any idea where the Temp and Cookies files are kept. I'm not sure!


Thanks Robert for your assistance!



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Sorry Pal, I did as you advised, but no change. It seems to me that the 'US Dollar' is a default entry that could be somewhere in the main program. I wonder if others have the same problem, with US Dollar showing everytime someone enters their site.

Since I'm in the UK I think most shoppers might not understand to change the Currency Settings to UK Pounds when shopping. Therefore I would like to get it right.


I did as you advised in IE, but no change so far. I shall keep trying and advise if I find a solution.


Thanks anyway,




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Make sure that Switch To Default Language Currency is set to false under Configuration in your osCommerce amdin panel.


Then go to includes/languages/english.php, look for 'USD' and change to 'GBP'.


Before editing read the link 'Parse Error?' below my name. You may also be interested in a Contribution called osCommerce UK, which does all of that and sets the correct d.o.b. function for the UK to dd/mm/yyyy instead of the american mm/dd/yyyy



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