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Question about confirmation email after a sale...


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Regarding my site allCanes.com...


Whenever an order is placed by our customers, I get an email confirming the sale. The product info is there, order number, address for shipping, cost, etc.


The email is sent to my in store manager, my webmaster and myself. From what I see, the email is not being sent to the customer. I am not sure what they are getting to confirm the sale.


The question is this - how do we add the customer to the email which we're all getting 1) to inform them and 2) to make their email address easily accessible to us.


As of now, we have to do some serious digging to get their email information.


Is there way to get the email address listed in the order conformation email somewhere? Or even to get the customer copied on the email which the store, my webdesigner and I all receive? As of now we are digging within our osCommerce site to find their email addresses if we need to get a hold of them. One would think there's a way to make that info easily accessible in the order conformation email.


Please advise.




Chris Bello


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