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HTML a href link within info page?


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I created a infopage on my site for resorces that my customers can check out, using the define mainpage contrib I just copied the code to create a box in the middle with tables and the text is defined in a variable and then displayed.


I'm trying to get these links to work but each one shows up as www.reiltoys.com/wwwyojoecom and just points back to my store...any suggestions?


Heres the snipped of code


$mainpage_title = "Usefull Collectors Resources!";

$mainpage_info = "The following links are some pages I have found very helpfull

as a collector, included are G.I.Joe, Star Wars, Transformeres, Comic Book, and

Magic the Gathering websites. If you know of a great collector resource please

let me know and I'll see about adding it! <p>


<a href=\"http://www.yojoe.com\">YoJoe.com</a> - The premiere G.I.Joe Site on the web.

A full archive of all Figures, Vehicles, Comic Books, etc, etc...you name it and

they have a page on it with pictures and lots of info!<p>

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You are going to have problems if you are hardcoding the URL and the customer has cookies turned off - they will lose their session by following the link


Use tep_href_link() - there are loads of places in the code where this is used, so you can see how it works.

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I've tried that function as well but I've yet to get the actual link to work, it behaves the same way a hardcoded link does and sends me to



So it appends the link I'm trying to use at the end of my store url.

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