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[Contribution]Paypal IPN - Devosc


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I have the PayPal module installed and working to some extent. The orders go through fine, the IPN returns and does update the order status. The only thing broken is that even when the order status has been updated to the completed "delivered" status, downloads are not made available to the user.


Yes, I have changed my download controller to use "delivered" as the trigger. Additionally I have tested this using Cash on Delivery as my payment method, then manually setting the order status to "delivered", and the download link appears no problem.


It seems that the only time this is occuring is when the PayPal IPN is used as the payment method.


Has anyone experianced this before? Am I missing something? I looked through what seems like endless posts on this contribution, and have not found one that adressess this issue directly.


I have a client waiting on this one to make his store live and he is getting grumpy, so assistance is greatly appreciated.


- Adam Duro, puzzled webmaster.

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i know http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contributions,2679/ has fixed the not stored issue, but i was wondering if this contribution was affected by the problem too.



I hope I am posting this in the right place. Please bear with me because I admit I don't understand much of what I am attempting to do, but ....


I installed contribution 2679. I am trying to configure it in the admin panel so I can begin testing the payment process. I have many questions, so here goes:


First: There are 4 keys I need private key, public certificate, paypal certificate id and public certificate. As of yet I have not purchased a dedicated SSL so I suppose I need only fill in the public certificate in "Your public certificate". But, I don't know what I put there. I read in the forum that perhaps I could contact my host and they could help me. But they don't understand what I need -- probably because I don't understand what I need and am not asking the right questions. They just continue to tell me that SSL has been included in my hosting package. I thought I needed to enter a file name here.


Second: I registered for Sandbox and set up my accounts in PayPal. Then I requested a API certificate, where I assume I would get paypal's certificate and certificate id. PayPal generates a file with I believe had a api extension. When I attempted to download it, I get an error message that indicates the file cannot be found to download. I don't know why I cannot download the file and if I had the file I wouldn't know what to do with it. I tried contacting PayPal about the download problem, etc., but I couldn't successfully transmit the message.


I have read some previous posts on this forum and thought I was good to go -- I just had to follow the steps and things would fall into place, but I am at a loss as to what to do now.


Can anyone help?

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I had this PayPal_Shopping_Cart_IPN contribution working for quite some time now. However due to new requierements from another payment processor, I had to setup to true the "Force Cookie Use" option in admin.

But now the PayPal_Shopping_Cart_IPN doesn't validate in admin new orders that have been placed and paid. We, and our Clients, get the Email from Paypal, but nothing from OSC, and in admin we get No PayPal Transaction Information Available for such orders.


I modified /includes/application_top.php with the following but it didn't help:

// start the session

$session_started = false;

$paypal_shopping_cart_ipn_session = (PAYPAL_SHOPPING_CART_IPN_SESSION == 'true' ) ? true : false;

if (SESSION_FORCE_COOKIE_USE == 'True' && !$paypal_shopping_cart_ipn_session ) {

tep_setcookie('cookie_test', 'please_accept_for_session', time()+60*60*24*30, $cookie_path, $cookie_domain);


Does anybody know what needs to be change in order to have PayPal_Shopping_Cart_IPN working with Force Cookie Use ?





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I have this working ALMOST!


It takes payment, updates order status but only sends out order emails if the Test Mode is on. Thus it isnt updating order quantites.


HELP PLEASE. If i have test mode on everything is working fine. With test mode off the order emails arent going out but the payment is still taken and i still get back to the correct page after payment.



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How com when i recieved the Paypal payment

but hoe come the admin > customers > Paypal IPN never show me the payment?? >_<


Item Amount: $0.01 USD

Shipping: $0.01 USD

Handling: $0.00 USD

Quantity: 1

Item Title: osCommerce

Item Number: Speed

Custom: 5471a4f9dd95db3511797dc7c9f06a1f <=== also...Watz it? :blush:

Date: Apr. 9, 2005

Time: 02:18:18 PDT






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:) Hi Everyone


I just love this organization and wish to thank everyone from the oscommerce community for such a great cart!


I am a newby in php but I managed to install quite a few contributions with success, but now after installing this Paypal IPN_v3.1.5, everything seems to work properly, but after I get payment confirmation from Paypal and click on the link to go back to the store, I get redirected twice!!! For a split second as I can see from the bottom of the screen, I go the checkout_success.php (which is where I want to go), but right away I am redirected to my home page (which I do not want). I am totally puzzled as to what is happening, I tried everything I could think of, but I need help. I can't figured that one out. I had installed the 1.0 version of IPN before, maybe I need to take out some files... If someone could help me I would really appreciate it.


Marc - Montreal, Canada

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i have installed the IPN as per instructions and it seems to work almost.. however i am getting these problems..


When checking out and completeing (using the paypal Sandbox) the contents of the cart remains in the cart when returning back to the site and it does not clear the cart contents, thus leaving the the contents in the cart when the user next logs in or continues surfing.. Also when going into the Admin section and clicking the new order and hitting edit i get this fatal error.


Fatal error: input in flex scanner failed in /web/catalog/includes/modules/payment/paypal/classes/TransactionDetails/Transa

ctionDetails.class.php on line 1


Any ideas



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Hi there,


I have this contribution (I think I have installed 2.9 or 3.0) now working for most of the part.


One problem I have seen is that the preview button from the Paypal IPN did not work. I changed this from using javascript to just open a new target window and this is working fine now. The details get displayed with the current status.


One remaining problem I have is that the payment_id in the orders table doesn't get updated at all. This results in the payment information not being displayed in the admin orders page (No PayPal Transaction Information Available is displayed). If I update the payment_id manually everything works fine.


Anyone has seen this before and knows how to fix this?




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Looks like you are in test mode- You need to take that IPN test number that you pointed to in your post (what's this?...) call up the Test IPN module screen (in admin control section and go to the payment modules section - select paypal and then test_ipn - follow the instructions (I think that you can click a help link from within the panel)...


Pretty much you call up the test IPN panel - cut and paste that long number number - enter in your total order amount and then it tests your code and enters that IPN into your database. When you are in TEST and IPN mode it is a manual process to de-bug...


Hope this helps you - I am a newbie too, but thought that I could try and respond to your question, I have had some experience with that test panel! Hopefully someone will answer my posts!!!

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Hello everyone :)


i have installed this contrib 3.1.5, but when a user make a purchase and have in account 2.50 $ Gift or voucher, than the user have to pay the full $ not

- that 2.50, when he / she add it to the order, by checkout.


Can everyone help me to fix that ?




Edited by Hobbes_TheReal
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hi all

i install this IPN module. Anything is work(include IPN in admin page, Test IPN etc.)

but i login my test account. then insert some item in cart. then i click the checkout button.But the checkout_shipping.php display blank page. i don't know what happen.


anyone have same problem.

please help me. thank you very much^^

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hi all

i install this IPN module. Anything is work(include IPN in admin page, Test IPN etc.)

but i login my test account. then insert some item in cart. then i click the checkout button.But the checkout_shipping.php display blank page. i don't know what happen.


anyone have same problem.

please help me. thank you very much^^

hi all.

i already fix the problem. i discover if u use orginal catalog\inlcudes\class\order.php, then follow installation.html to replace/add code.

it will not work.

i copy order.php in MS2-2.2OverWriteAndRun folder in zip.

then it is work.


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Any help Would be Appreciated


we corrently take Pay Pal and Checks


But recently we changed to a faster server got the shop working fine again and noticed we had 2 orders Pending that number is shown if admin cp but when i go to orders.php but they not there after manual putting the order number in the address bar i get them but im unble to delete them just set them to canceld and the there still not dissplayed


Check orders are Fine Just paypal


Any sugestions appreciated




Many Thanks



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I really love this IPN stuff! not.


having grave probs with gvcc and ipn 3.1.5


issued a free delivery voucher to one of our customers as we had a frew probs with her order. when she got to paypal the delivery was still on the checkout.


i have now got paypal to accept the voucher but it seems to be taking the amount off twice! bloody hell


at our checkout it says


Sub-Total: ?5.25

Royal Mail Standard Parcel (Shipping to GB : 3.85 kg(s)): ?7.60

Discount Coupons:gytry545yts: -?7.60

Total: ?5.25


then when you get to paypal we get


Pay To: jaldijaldi.co.uk

Payment For: jaldijaldi


Currency: Pounds Sterling

Amount: -?2.35 GBP


fan-bloody-tastic! so we owe the customer money hahaha!


settings are on aggregate

when i put it on per item it doesnt even register the bloody voucher (has anyone noticed how stressed i am haha :-" )


Pay To: jaldijaldi.co.uk

Payment For: Shopping Cart


Currency: Pounds Sterling

Amount: ?5.25 GBP

Postage & Packing: ?7.60 GBP

Total Amount: ?12.85 GBP


heeeeeeeelllllllppppppppp. as if by chance Queen - im going slightly mad has just come on the radio!!

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Hello all,


now i have test in another testshop, that the other paypal ipn

works good with ccgv, dunno who the different is, im not a php profi ;)


Is it possible, that anyone have a fix, that paypal ipn 3.1.5 use the 2.50$

voucher that new user will have after register a account ?


In our testshop all work great, but not the paypal ipn 3.1.5 and ccgv 5.12 or 5.13.


When a user make his first order, he/she can not use the 2.50$ voucher.

Paypal IPN 3.1.5 don?t add that in the payment.


the ccgv checkbox is in checkout_confirmation, but paypal ipn add it not

in the process.


Sort order is all ok, i have all sorted out, with that, i think.



Account Ballance=2


Paypal fee=4

Discount Coupon=9

Voucher Coupon=740



I hope anyone can help me ??


Thanks in advance




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OK, posted this in another thread and then found this one, so sorry!


Installed latest IPN on clean install of MS2.2 and it's not returning anything or clearing the cart. I have read others have has this problem and have read through several pages of posts and didn't see a fix.


I'm using PayPal Sandbox and have my own SSL certificate (not shared). I'm not sure but would put it down to cookies somehow, as I've copied the files exactly.







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Has anyone dig into this and could me help starting in looking for why the payment_id in the orders table does not get updated?


I think this should be set from the setOrderPaymentID in payment\paypal\classes\Osc\Order.class.php but this seems to be never called from ipn.php (and this is the only one place where I found this being called.


Any clues? This is the only thing missing to make this working perfectly...




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OK ***PLEASE*** can someone help me out here...pretty please ;)


Got IPN to work and return stuff using the Sandbox. I have two problems which I have seen posted before but unable to find solutions to.


i) No address is displayed when viewing 'details' in admin. I guess it has not been returned from PayPal?


ii) When I click 'accept' in admin, I get the error for line 219 (which I have found other posts on) saying file not found:


Warning: notifycustomer(.../includes/languages//checkout_process.php): failed to open stream: No such file or directory in .../includes/modules/payment/paypal/classes/osC/Order.class.php on line 219


(edited full directory path)


Yes, I see the two /'s together and have figured out that the language directory should go in between these (i.e. english). So what's wrong with my settings?


Please...I have a good knowledge now of oSC, but this is bugging the hell out of me! :)





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I getting multiple debug emails from the paypal ipn...I have installed this on other stores without this problem but the latest store I set up gives me multiple debug emails...like 15 per order! Anyone run into this problem? the text at the end of the email says:





This is email has NOT been sent by PayPal.


You have received this email via the osCommerce PayPal_Shopping_Cart_IPN Contribution


To discontinue receiving this notice disable 'Debug Email Notifications' in your osCommerce PayPal configuration panel."


I don't mind getting them but 15 copies spread over 12 hours?

bopp out

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I'have seen a lot of questions abt total shown on the website and the one taken to paypal


for me all is good, shipping is writed in the shipping section in paypal at the right price,

shooping cart works great too and right price BUT !


for taxes i cant set them working, i added taxes for a country zone and they are shown when i make an order but when i click ok then on paypal there's no taxes.


anyone fixed that?


i have os2.2

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