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[Contribution]Paypal IPN - Devosc


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From Woodworks.


I'm getting the same problem.


Was working a few days ago. Now all orders are pending. Getting email from paypal (different style now) saying I've got cash. No email from osc thou. using 2.8


Any ideas?


That's exactly what is happening to me. I have redone it, I think, 4 times and the same thing happens. I looked through the script, tried error reporting, etc... still nothing. I will keep trying to fix it and if I get it fixed I will let you know. Please do the same.


I think it may be something in the ipn.php but I'm not for sure.



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Up until a few days ago my IPN module was working fine. No changes have been made to it. Then, a customer told me that they couldn't sign up - because they needed my e-mail address to make the payment. I ran a test order through and the IPN went to the standard PayPal website Login screen, and not to the screen with the order details, amount etc. pre-filled.


Rather than play around with the existing modified code I did a completely new local install. hen, before I did anything to them I took a backup copy of the unmodified files. Then I added the PayPal IPN files and changes to files as I had done before. I then uploaded them -- same problem. So I uploaded the unmodified files, unsubscribed from IPN and the normal PayPal module is working fine.


Anyone else getting anything like this?



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I have found a small problem regarding tax and PayPal, here in TX we are required to charge tax on shipping if you have any type of handling fee which I do. Now for the problem, when you checkout using PayPal the screen shows the correct amount tax and all, you then get transferred to PayPal which also has the correct amounts, you complete the paypal transaction and come back to the store.


Now the problem is, once you leave the store and go to paypal the order that is saved is saved with the wrong amount for the tax, the amount gets changed to include tax on items only and not shipping. Once the IPN returns from paypal the order is put on hold as the totals do not match.




Item - $3.20

Ship - $1.50

Tax - $0.38 -8.25% on total item and ship

Total - $5.08


That is correct but the order is saved as:


Item - $3.20

Ship - $1.50

Tax - $0.26 - 8.25% on item only (loses tax on shipping)

Total - $4.96


The IPN then is failed as the totals do not match and the order is put on hold. The customer can now see the new order amount and I am sure will want to know why he paid more than his order total is since the incorrect total is what is reflected...


Any help as to where to fix this code would be greatly appreciated....



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Hi there,


I'm almost done redesigning my website but aren't receiving any IPN anymore at the moment... I'm testing things out with the PP Sandbox and am still on version 2.4 of the contrib (I'm trying to fix my problem before upgrading). Anyways... Could you guys refresh my mind about a few things?


- The PayPal Sandbox *does* send IPNs, right?

- What could the reasons be for not receiving any IPN?


(My E-mail and Business ID in the PP module are set to the Developer address I'm using in the PP Sandbox... I'm running short on ideas. Where could I check for errors?)


The shopping cart gets emptied when returning from the virtual PP payment on the sandbox but the orders' status stay on "Pending Paypal Notification".


Finally, regarding downloadable products, should swapping the status manually (in the osC admin module) from "Pending PP Notification" to "Delivered" make the download links appear or not?


Thanks a bunch.

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Vger, there shouldn't have been any change in which page is displayed first on paypal.com (except that our recent wite upgrade may have referesehd cookies). I can have a look if you provide a link to your store.

Patrick Breitenbach

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As of yet I haven't installed the default PayPal module and was wondering if I can install the IPN contribution first or should I install the default and then remove it as per the instructions? Just trying to save some time.


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I wonder if anyone can help


I have installed paypal ipn 2.9


when it is in aggregate mode it does not pass the shipping cost to paypal


but when it is in itemised mode it passes the shipping cost but the item prices do not have tax on them.


tax seems to be added when the user logs into there paypal account


I would like to pass the shipping cost and the item cost including tax to paypal



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I'm afraid that I have uninstalled the IPN now and reverted to the default module (which works), and have unsubscribed from IPN in my PayPal account. I phoned PayPal and was told that I would be called back by someone from Tech Support - but four days later all I got was an e-mail saying that if it related to a product supplied by a third party I should take it up with them.


I can't afford to lose customers because of a malfunctioning module, or its inability to communicate properly with PayPal. What I know for certain is that I almost lost two new customers because of it, and this error only began on the day that PayPal did its 'upgrades'. I don't have the time to try reinstalling, uninstalling, reinstalling again and again. I did the last install of the PayPal IPN from a completely new install of osCommerce, and it still didn't work - and I deleted my payPal cookies before trying it out. I still ended up on the default PayPal Login screen, just without my PayPal e-mail address pre-filled in.



Vger, there shouldn't have been any change in which page is displayed first on paypal.com (except that our recent wite upgrade may have referesehd cookies). I can have a look if you provide a link to your store.

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I hope sombody can help me with this as I have spent hours trying to fix this myself but as i'm totaly oblivious to how mysql works I cannot fix it :'(


The problem is that I have installed this contribution exactly as instructed but now when I checkout on the page checkout_process.php a page appears saying:


1146 - Table 'techcom_osc1.orders_session_info' doesn't exist

insert into orders_session_info (sendto, billto, firstname, lastname, payment, payment_title, payment_amount, payment_currency, payment_currency_val, language, language_id, currency, currency_value, content_type, txn_signature, orders_id) values ('23', '23', 'james', 'smith', 'paypal', 'PayPal', '71.24', 'GBP', '1.00000000', 'english', '1', 'GBP', '1.00000000', 'physical', 'fef9bfe67cbced89420606128266a27d', '25')



I know this might seem obvious to say table "orders_session_info" doesn't exist, but it does :(


Please can somebody help me to allow my ghost table to be found.




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I think we're all just asking questions... does ANYONE actually have some answers?


Can someone post a screenshot of what the actual IPN is supposed to look like in a customers order when it passes correctly?



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I just tested one of our stores that uses the PayPal IPN Contribution. Everything appears to work just fine except for a couple of things...


1. The store owner nor the customer gets the osCommerce order email. The only emails pertaining to the order that get sent/delivered are from PayPal.


2. Even though the order did go through all the way, there is no IPN information in Admin of osCommerce.


If you guys have some answers for these situations I would love to hear them. Your help is always greatly appreciated.



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I appear to be getting a lot of orders where the PayPal transaction activity reads as follows:


Transaction Activity

Date Status Details Action Gross Fee Net Amount

No PayPal Transaction Information Available (258fe6a892588ba3cdbb9746523f9da8)


I'm having a difficult time determining whether or not these are orders that people are actually placing, and the inner workings of the PayPal transaction fail, or if it's simply people abandoning carts.


Can anyone speak to this?



On a separate note, I received a note from a customer stating that he receives the following error when trying to pay with 2 different credit cards:


"The credit card you entered cannot be used for this payment. Please enter a different credit card number."


Has anyone seen this before?


Thanks for any help.

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Update on my issues.


I am still not receiving IPNs:


- I don't receive any new PayPal IPN in Admin > Customers > PayPal IPN.

- When I check the source of the redirection page the notify_url is correctly set.

- I do have IPN activated in my Business Account profil.

- I've tried turning the Cart Test off but it didn't change anything.


What I'm trying to figure out is whether I've messed my installation up in a way that prevents ipn.php from doing its job or whether the PayPal Sandbox is not sending me any IPNs at all. It's worth pointing out that on returning to the shop the cart does get emptied but this is all thanks to checkout_success.php right?


I'm still on v.2.4. I'll try upgrading see if that solves my problem even if I dunno what the problem is.


PS: when i go to ipn.php it doesn't produce any error so it seems includes/requires are fine. what can i comment out to test whether the Sandbox sends me my IPNs? I forgot to mention, in the PayPal accounts the cash operations are ok.

Edited by tsyrak
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I just backed out my attempt at installing PayPal IPN v2.9 into my (new) osC 2.2ms2 site. I followed the installation instructions, and verified everything entered. I ran into the following, and could not get this to work:


1. Although I had one email id specified for debug messages, the debug email received

contained the email id twice, so I received duplicate debug emails.

2. Debug emails contained no information, the "response from paypal" area was blank.

3. I did not receive any PayPal IPN data from the PayPal Sandbox.

4. Upon completion of the checkout process, the customer shopping cart was not


5. Email was not sent, other than the debug email.


If anyone was able to get PayPal IPN working, I would greatly appreciate any advice as to what needs to be done.

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It is worth mentioning here that when you use the PayPal Sandbox - don't sit around waiting for e-mails (other than debug), because this is a 'test' site and e-mails don't get sent out - they are there under E-mail in your Sandbox account.



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If you have the PayPal IPN installed on your website you do have to sign up to IPN in your PayPal account. But where PayPal tells you to enter a Return URL you don't have to as this is included in the IPN Module.



Do you need to have IPN set in your Paypal account?  I thought that you didn't?


I don't have mine set in my Paypal account... should I?

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Well wait a second... here is what it says in the installation guide's FAQ:


Do I need to enable IPN in my PayPal account profile?



What url should I specify for the IPN feature to be used?

You don't need to, it will automatically be specified.


Plus when I went to enable IPN in my Paypal account, it would not let me do it unless I specified a url for the IPN to be used.


So what am I to do?

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Hey Mibble, here some responses for you. Thanks for replying.


has this worked before?

what happens if you install the check/money order module (if not installed) and run an order thru payment there, do you get an email?


Yes, the order emails and everything work fine on regular orders using credit cards, COD, whatever. Just on PayPal paid orders do no osCommerce emails get sent. I am 98% done with this store site, but will need to resolve this problem. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks guys (and gals).



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I think I have done alsmot everything right (considering the time however, my brain cannot process everything...) :)


I have a few question I though some of you might be able to answer


1. What is an IDENTY TOKEN, i got that from paypal after upadting stuff in my account (payment data tranfer???)


2. Testing payal (using live account but not going all the way throwh) I never get the option of *NOT* signing up for paypal...why? Am i always forced to sign up with paypal, i read the notes it it seems it should do both , with and without paypal sign up, PLEASE HELP


Any help is much appreciated :)





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