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products weigh less than a pound?


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Ok...I've tried to figure this out but I can't.


A lot of my products in my store weigh like .03 ounces. I have entered that in the product weight of each of them.


I want to have my shipping calculated by the combined weight of all my products in the box. But when I do a test run of it...it gives me some enormous price. Tho the weight it displays is accurate. ??? I put three .03 ounce items in the cart...it showed on checkout the totaly weight of .09 ounces...but then charged me like $9.00 for shipping when I know priority mail for that weight is only $3.85? What am I doing wrong???


Any help would be greatly appreciated.


And yes...I did make the tare to 0

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Ok...that doesn't work. The shipping is still extrememly high! It's showing hte correct weight totals...just giving way high pricing for shipping.




that's the site...if you have a second to check it out to see what I mean

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You may want to go into your admin area, and under configuration there is a shipping/packaging link and change the tare weight. That will effect your shipping costs.

Wendy James


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First off, ounces are not 1/10 of a pound. 3 ounces is not .3 pounds.


One ounce is 1/16 of a pound (crazy English measurement system...) so you have to divide your ounces by 16 to get the proper number of pounds.


1 oz = 1/16 lb = .0625 lb

3 oz = 3/16 lb = .1875 lb

etc, etc. You'll get quick at it once you use it.


If your store is showing the correct weight totals but the shipping is wrong...what shipping module are you using? Judging from the responses I think everyone is assuming you're using the standard USPS module, but you haven't told us. Have you added a handling charge to the shipping module?

Chris Dunning

osCommerce, Contributions Moderator Team


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Yes....I'm using the standart usps module. I had the zone one clicked too...but removed it...now I have no shipping being charged? Hmmm


For my weights...the paper weights per sheet .03 ounces...and that's how I entered it. My other store I had that I switched from that was how I entered it there too and it gave accurate pricing for usps.

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Chris is right. The weights are in whole weight units, being either like a pound or a kilogram.


You have to convert from ounces to pounds (divide by 16):


.03 oz = .03/16 = .001875


You need to enter .001875 into the weight, not .03

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