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I did a stupid thing.


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I did a stupid thing. I added the drop down states menu contribution which was fine but then I thought it would be smart to remove all the states from the drop down list, by deleting them from the mysql table, that were not in the USA. Big mistake. The other states were there for a reason. Now, when someone from Brazil, for example, tries to register thre is no state: Sao Paulo for them to choose from the drop down list. Seeing as the state field is a required field they have to choose a state that is incorrect and then add a note in comments to have me correct their state.

My question is how do I add those states back to the mysql table. I believe I can find which ones I deleted but what is the mysql command to add them back. Perhaps it would be easiest to enter ALL the states and over write the usa ones that remain. That would probably be easiest, just one mysql command to execute. Would someone help me with the mysql command structure and procedure?


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If you look in your osCommerce distribution (you do have one, right?), you'll find in the catalog/install folder, an oscommerce.sql. This contains all of the SQL commands to prepopulate the database. It will have the "zones" table defines there, which is what you want.


Do note that not all countries have zones defined. For those that don't, you'd just get a textbox for the state. The standard distribution does not include zones for Brazil, so perhaps you added them from the World Zones contribution.

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Thank you Steve. You gave me all the information and tips I needed to correct the damage I had created.

Luckily, I clicked on your contribution Country-State selector prior to doing damage repair. Turns out your contibution was exactly what I needed in the first place. I have installed it following all your excellant instructions and it works like a charm and most importantly to me it is just what I wanted in the first place.

Imagine a fellow at the top of a high mountain shouting "THANK YOU STEVE!!!!". That's me!!! :D

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