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Payflow Pro payment module not working


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I have installed the payflow pro payment module and it is not working: I keep receiveing a "credit card error" message.


Here are the specifics of my situation:


- Server: Apache / Linux with php 4.3.10

- OsCommerce: latest version (2.2)

- Payflow Module: latest Fix (Fix 1.2 from 9/10/2004 and additional file from 9/15/2004)

- SDK Linux module from Verisign


I installed the SDK module and ran the "test.sh" file. It came out "Authorized", with code = 0


I try to run test transactions though OsCommerce, in test mode, and I keep getting the "credit card error" message.


I believe this error may have something to do with the one piece of instructions I was not able to make sense of (steps 10 and 11 of the "install" instructions of the Payflow Pro module:


"10. Setup in the admin tool -- Make sure to specify the proper LIB, EXE, and CERT paths or the new fix will not work!


"11. For the file referenced in step 10 in "EXE", make sure to mark it executable (file permissions 777 in Unix) so that the web server can execute the file to communicate with verisign."


I haven't been able to figure out where to specify the paths (step 10). I mean:

- I haven't found where to specify paths (not in file manager!?)

- Assuming I find out where, I'm not sure what I would specify for "exe" (payflowpro.php?)


As for step 11, i have given 777 permission to "pfpro" in the "payment/bin" directory, and to "payflowpro.php" in the "payment" directory.


I would appreciate:

- answers to step 10 and 11

- feedback on whether the "credit card error" may be coming from something else.

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