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Disabling Product Pictures Throughout Shop


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G'Day Guys and Girls,


Just a quick question. I know I should probably know how to do this, but I am not that fantastic at php or html, and I couldn't find it in search.


I have a whole series of products, none of them have pictures and chances are they never will. Consequently, the web browser shows the products with pics, but with broken links. So it shows there should be a pic but we can't find it, kinda thing. Am i making sense?


These 'broken pics' come up in the product description, the 'whats new' box on the left, the whats new in month at the bottom, etc etc.


How do I disable these pictures? I just want it so if theres no picture it doesn't display anything. A solution which goes the whole hog, and disables pictures entirely for products would be less helpful (as I might one day have some pics) but at the moment I'll take anything :D


Thanks all!

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