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Colours/Layout Help


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The things in green are what needed to be changed;


1. Am I able to just change the 'What's New' area to a different colour without effecting the 'New products for July'? How is it done?


2. Can I chanvge thoes red bars where the headers are for each section? Eg Categories, Reviews, Information, etc? How is it done?


3. I just can't figure out how to change the font colours etc. I want to change the colour of it when it links to something and the actual font colour it is now (I want it done to the whole cart). How is this done?


P.S I am using the Simple Template System


Thankyou so much if you can help me!

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1) If using STS the "$content" area (whats new) would be in a table in the template file, just change the background color of that table.


2 ) look for "TD.infoboxheading" in the css file (you also may have to change the color of the infobox corner images (images/infobox/)


3 ) in css file look for "body" the color line in this will change the color of all text

If you want to change the color of links look for "A." in the css and "A:hover"

these will change the colors of links

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EDIT: "catalog/includes/languages/english.php"


scroll down just a little bit til you find this:



// page title

define('TITLE', 'osCommerce');


Change that osCommerce to your website name and bingo, bobs ur nana.

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In that file is the definitions for all the page titles so customise it how you want it. For example, Im using 'Kiti Contents' instead of cart contents because a Kiti is a native maori bag (my site is for maori ozzies so its quite appropriate and gives it more personality).

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