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Check/Shopping Cart problem


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I am having problems with my shopping cart and checkout. I can search for a product and add it to the shopping cart. When I got to What's In My Cart? (shopping_cart.php) the products show up. However, once I hit the "Checkout" button at the bottom, I am taken to checkout_shipping.php and then redirected back to shopping_cart.php because "I have no products in my shopping cart."


Is the checkout process not implemented until I get with a Merchant account or something? Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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I wanted to add:


I added the line:


print $cart->count_contents();


to the shopping cart page and checkout_shipping.php.


When I was on the shopping cart page, it printed 1. When I hit checkout, it went to the checkout_shipping.php and then became 0.


So I don't know if it's a session variable problem or what but for some reason I'm losing my contents between the two pages.

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Ok, well, I got things working.


Things seem to work as they should if you use IE.


However, I still have the same problems above if I try to use Firefox. Any ideas? Otherwise I'll be stuff forcing my customers to support the evil empire :(

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