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Force Admin SSL and too many emails questions


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Thanks to a couple of helpful people here I've got my site just about running 100% but I'm having 2 issues I'd like help with.


1) Is there a way to force SSL in the admin? If I forget and go there without the https is there a way to push it over like there is in the catelog?


2) I'm not sure that my second promlem is actually OSC but this is where I see it, whenever OSC sends emails, like order confirmation it always sends 2 copies.


Thanks for any help,


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On your first question the answer relates to whether you are on a Windows server and if you have an old version of MySQL. If the answer to both of those is 'yes' then I don't know the answer.


If you host on an Apache server with a reasonably up to date version of MySQL then you can add this code to a .htaccess file in your 'admin' folder.



ErrorDocument 403 https://www.yourdomain.com/admin/


This will force all connections to any page in the 'admin' folder to be on an https connection. You can only use this with a full ssl cert - won't work on a shared cert.



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