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right column


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My right column isnt aligning properly...


Ive changed the info box headings to a button like thing.... and they are shifted towards the center of the template... but the rest of the column(ie the background) is exactly where it should be.


There is no problem with the same page in english though..


Any ideas as to where i may have gone wrong?


Thanks for your time

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also ive noticed for theother languages (except english) the main content in the middle seems to be very close to the left column... whereas for english there is no problem at all... everything is where it should be... any help here please

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seems like ive run into alot of problems... even with english... some pages the right colums headers are over in the main content(middle) part...


some pages are fine in one language while are not in others.


Please :'( please :'( can anyone help me out

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the thing is that its confusing.. cos some pages are fine while others arent.. and lets say one page is fine when viewed in english but the very same page isnt in lets say german...


as you can see when you click on the link above... you see the rectangular header boxes on the right column... well they all move towards the left(along with their text and images)... but the back ground for that column stays exactly where it is...

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