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The e-commerce.

Can Anyone Help Me Please?


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Hello all im new to the board and program.

I just had few questions and wanted to know if anyone could help me out.

What i need to know is there anyway to add a bunch of products just by uploading them all to your host?

Or do you have to just keep adding each item one by one?


Another thing is the description of my products....

Considering i have 9,000 products which the description on each is similiar.

Would i have to add the text for each one or could i just add one text file or Something and it grab that file.

Please let me know cause it will take me years to add all the items and descriptions i have.




Thanks in advance Tanya :D

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Yes - easypopulate.

Using the same description for 9000 products is not the best idea. Unless you make sure each page also has a unique title and metas, search engines will likely treat most of them as duplicates, and may well ignore them, or (worse) think you are trying to spam them and ban you.

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Like FalseDawn said, easypopulate is the best way to go. You can setup all your 9000 items using excel (or any program that can output tab deliminated text files), and upload it all in one shot.

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