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Search engine integration


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I have a highly modified osC store that works very well for our needs. I have found that the weak link in the store is the search function. I have found a very good alternative - a search engine called Sphider (http://www.cs.ioc.ee/~ando/sphider/). I works like the big search engines, it indexes all of the pages within your site. It works very well and seems to have very accurate results. The only problem I have is that I don't know PHP well enough to integrate it with osC. Anyone interested in taking a stab at it?

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Have you tried installing the Search contribution that changes the search to search on the product description?

Yeah, I have this contibution installed, but it still requires exact matches in searches. I have been working on other alternatives that will allow for approximate matches to show up in the search results. The main problem I am having is that most of our customers search our site by part numbers. The problem come in how the part numbers are being entered by the user.


For example, a valid part number may look like: 12345-45-01


But the customer enters: 12345 45 01


Their search would result in no matches. Many of our part numbers also have variants based on single or set purchases. Again, the numbers are similar, but unless the numbers are an exact match, the results come up empty.


Single part number: 12345-45-01

Set part number: 12345-45-08


If the customer doesn't know how the numbers work, they might search for a set, which we don't stock, so their search comes up empty.


I have found a very good implementation of fuzzy logic in a PHP class that I am trying to figure out how to use with osC. If anyone is interested it can be found at: http://elonen.iki.fi/code/misc-notes/appr-search-php/. Once I figure it out I'll make it a contribution.

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