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Product Atributes


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I am relatively new at osCommerce, but through this forum have been able to figure out most of the problems I've encountered, except this one.


Altering Product Attributes:

I sell products that come in different colors. For example I'll sell a Medium Zippered Bag in red, pink, blue, black and green. I want one product listing with a drop down menu for color, which I know how to do. The problem is, each color for each product has it's own model number (i.e. Red: MBG-101, Blue: MBG-102, Black: MBG-103, etc) which is sent to the warehouse for shipping. I cannot figure out how to add both a color and model number to the product without adding each color as a separate product entry.


Where is what I need:

The customer chooses the category (Bags) then chooses the product (Medium) and then chooses the color (Red) and it get added to the cart as Medium Bag-Red (MBG-101).


Any suggestions?




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It depends, really. Is there a consistent algorithm for generating the model numbers? If so, you can use a "base" model number for your products, and in the order Emails, Invoice etc, run the model number and attributes through this algorithm to generate the appropriate "new" model number based on the selected attributes.


If there isn't a consistent algorithm, the only way I can think of is to have a "look-up" table where each product and color combination is linked to its correct model number, and this is used when required.

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No each product has already been assigned a model number by the warehouse. There is only 91 products, and fortunately, there will not be very more added if any at all.


What I think maybe I should do is change the products_attributes table to include a field that I can manually type the model number. Then alter the Products Attributes page to leave a field for it to be entered. I'll have to look into what else might have to be altered too.


If anyone knows of a Contribution that will allow me to easily change the Products Attributes, please post.





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