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This problem involves an inability to use the ADMIN in managing the webstore after a successful initial installation.


I have successfully uploaded all files, temporarily changed the two (2) "configure.php" files from 644 to 706 (777), did the installation, then reverted the two (2) "configure.php" files back to 644.


I then removed the "install" folder.


When attempting to administer the site via ADMIN I receive though the error message as above: ERROR_FILE_NOT_WRITEABLE


For instance. If I go to "Define Mainpage" I receive this error message and below it is listed the file "mainpage.php". I tried changing the "mainpage.php" permissions from 644 to 706, then 744, then 755, then 777, but with no success. I am not able to write to the file.


If I go to the Configuration ... "Default Shipping Settings", I receive the following error message: ERROR_TEMPLATE_IMAGE_DIRECTORY_NOT_WRITEABLE/home/adimag/public_html/seniorsf/templates/Original/images/


I am on a linux server with CPanel, as follows:

OS: Linux

Kernel version: 2.4.22-1.2199.nptlsmp

Apache version: 1.3.33 (Unix)

PERL version: 5.8.3

PHP version: 4.3.9

MySQL version: 4.0.22-standard

cPanel Build: 10.2.0-Release 10


Within CPanel (server-side), if I go through the File Manager I can view and edit the "mainpage.php" file, so there is no corruption there. I just cannot edit this file (or any .php file) from within the ADMIN panel of the webstore.


I need some assistance here whether it is with a CPanel (global) setting, or something within the osCommerce ADMIN, or otherwise.


I have reviewed the extensive data under "Server Information", but I do not have the expertise to interpret. I can though print it out into a .pdf file and email it as an attachment if someone needs it.


Thank you,

Bruce Senator

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