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The e-commerce.

Credit Class/Gift Vouchers/Discount Coupons 5.10


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Can anyone tell me if there is a really easy way to install this contribution please??


i e not having to go into phpmyadmin cos i know if i start doing that i'll muck it up royally LOLOL




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i suspect there is an error in editting the following:


catalog/english.php (EDIT)

Add the following line to the end of the file just before the closing ?> tag

REQUIRE(DIR_WS_LANGUAGES . 'add_ccgvdc_english.php');


i cant find that file, so i assumed it to be in catalog/includes/languages/


pls advice on this

thnx in advance

You are right in editing file catalog/includes/languages/english.php.


Open file in notepad and delete all blank lines after closing tag ?> and save.


Hope it helps!

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I have been using this contrib for a couple of weeks now. Has been working great BUT I just came up with a small problem, at least to me.


Is it possible to apply a discount coupon to a product attribute? If you have product "A" at size one pound container, product "A" at two pound container and product "A" at three pound container, and you want to discount the two pound container, because you have too many of them.


It seems that the discount only applies to the base product and not to any attributes (larger sizes). Any way to make this happen?


When applying the discount to the product then purchasing the larger size the discount does not show up. Only when purchasing the smaller base product.




Edited by terry
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Hi John,

Thanks for the reply. I can select a product, but only the base product not any attributes such as larger size.


In other words the discount only applies to the smallest of the three sizes.

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I still haven't gotten an answer to my question about why my Payment page isn't showing any selection or option to apply a coupon or gift voucher to their purchase. They can redeem a coupon but they cant actually use it. Which file references this? Shouldnt there be a check box or a field to enter how much of the voucher they want to use towards their purchase? In my case there is nothing, only a field to enter a coupon code and button to redeem it.

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Disregard my previous paypal post.. seems that was something else that i fixed.


However, now when a customer orders they get the following in their email:


> Thanks for shopping with us.

> Get $5.00 off your next purchase of $25.00 or more!

> Just put the coupon code M03-2003

> in the Redeem Coupon box during checkout.

> Coupon expires April 30, 2003.


How do i turn that off. I don't remember setting that up anywhere.



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in using a coupon, you should be able to go to the tab in the admin section, and then add a coupon, it will ask you the name, amount the coupon is good for, how many times it is good for (you can say to people first 100 to use coupon) and the system will limit to 100 and also how many times a customer may use the coupon, most likely once, and then if you want to specify a product # or category # or none at all.

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Godkid: I finally got everything working. I am redoing the doc then I will release it .. it will be tonight sometime. (and no your just the only one that has noticed it)


terry: the discount coupon should apply to any of your products with or without attributes... as far as being different amounts on different attributes... it doesn't do that on this release but it would be a nice feature to implement. Maybe you could do that for us with the release I am doing tonight.


danjfoley: the file add-ccgvdc.application.php

in catalog->includes-> you set the



This will change in the new release tonight. In the present version(5.06 and before) the NEW_SIGNUP_DISCOUNT_COUPON value is by coupon id not code so you have created a coupon which has the coupon id 3 and it is defaulting to that.


Alyssia: the easiest way is to start with a new release and copy the files over the previous ones. If this is unacceptable, all the files that need modded have an ICW where they need to be modded. There is only about 92 mods that need to be made .. or somewhere around there.

(my knowledge is so small you would think that an ant was a genius in comparison)

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are y'all not seeing my posts or something? Strider - you answered everyone but me. lol.


I am wondering what file needs to be modified/changed because I do not have the check box or any kind of field for customers to enter whether or not they want to use their gift voucher for their order. As of right now they can successfully redeem it but they cannot actually use it. <_<

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Strider.. but i DO want the $10 to go out when a new user signs up.. i just don't want the $25 one to go out after an order is placed


so this one i want to keep at 10 right?




and this one i just want to get rid of the coupon id number and this is what controls what gets sent after an order is placed? (doesn't seem to make sense to me because it says NEW_SIGNUP.. not AFTER_PLACED_ORDER.




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Mibble: assuming you were answering my post, I've reuploaded the gv_redeem.php a couple times already and it hasnt helped at all.


as for the admin, I'm not sure where you are talking about - there are no GVs in the queue...so as for any other admin options, you'll have to be more specific.


otherwise everything works fine...I have $60 in my own GV Account but it won't let me "spend" it because there is no check box to select in the checkout area.


the whole system is pointless if people can redeem but not spend their GVs.


I'd also like to know how to go about deleting old gift vouchers because I Have like 25 that are there and redeemed because of running tests over and over. They aren't real they're just in there. I want to know how to get rid of them

Edited by dchockenberry
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Hello. Can someone help me please. I have installed this contribution on 2.2 and can't get it to work. I have re-uploaded all of the files to make sure something wasn't missing.


During checkout, the coupon is recognized and can be viewed from the shopping cart. However, it doesn't actually take it out of the total.


This is shown in the shopping cart:

Congratulations, you have redeemed a Discount Coupon.


Coupon Name : VIWeddings


Coupon Description : 5% off total purchase.


The coupon is worth 5.00% discount against your order


The coupon is valid between 12/14/2003 and 12/14/2004


Product/Category Restrictions








This is what it says in the billing information box:

Sub-Total: $63.00

AL TAX 4.0%: $2.52

Shipping: $0.00

Total: $65.52



There should be a discount coupon in there.



Here are my order total module settings:


Sub-total: 1

Discount Coupons: 2

Gift Vouchers: 3

Tax: 4

Shipping: 5

Total: 6


My settings for Discount Coupon are:


Display Total: True

Sort Order: 2

Include Shipping: False

Include Tax: False

Re-calculate tax: none

Tax Class: none


Does anyone know why it's not working? Please Help!

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To those who can redeem but not apply to total.. odds are you didn't install the voucher and/or coupon payment modules. Go under modules, payment, and click on them both and click install.


Striker you really should put something about having to do this in the installation instructions because it baffelled me at first too.

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Actually danjfoley there isn't anything in modules->payment that needs to be set or installed for the ccgv. There are installs within modules->order total such as gift vouchers and discount coupons and it is in the install.html included within the zip as well as in many posts within the forum on configuring them to work with your system. As well as many comments on posts etc.

If you look at the posts the people placed you will notice they have installed the proper files in the admin.


this contribution will not work on 2.2 .. it will work on 2.2ms2


ccgv has nothing to do with cookies whether forced or not


aldaffodil: what version of php are you using


danjfoley: in this version the coupon id which you don't have access to except in the database determines which coupon is sent to the person in the welcome message. Make a new coupon and deactivate the present one if you want it not to be sent.


dchockenberry: check your sort order

(my knowledge is so small you would think that an ant was a genius in comparison)

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A new release of the ccgv has been submitted.


changes to this release encompass many many bug fixes. I want to say thanks to /fred, modom, steve, andre, nick, nitro and many more


12/16/2003 - ccgv-510 Author: Strider



This release fixes most of the bugs that have been found from the previous releases and many that were not found. the simple change log is as follows



create_account.php fixed for double email text

Session vars redone to be compliant with osc's api

bugs fixed on computation in discount coupon

bugs fixed within gift voucher

bugs fixed in sending emails with apostrophes. add slashes called for all input variables

documentation added

Defines for creating gv and dc during create account moved to admin store configuration


Please note: indivual files that were modified are listed within changelog of the install doc

(my knowledge is so small you would think that an ant was a genius in comparison)

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I changed my sort order several times and had it set in the very beginning the exact way the install manual says to set it. Nothing worked. It's not a matter of miscalculating...it's a matter of not even having a check box in order to use the coupon/gift voucher at all. I set myself up with an account of my own and I credited myself with $60 and it's been released from queue and showing up in my account as having $60 but there is no way for me to USE it. All it can do is sit there.

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I uninstalled then reinstalled the order total modules and all is well and working now.


I have another question though...


How do you go about deleting/removing/editing all those gift vouchers that are listed in the admin panel?


I have a bunch of them that I sent out to myself for testing and they arent truly valid so I would like to remove them from my records.


Also how would you go about deactivating a gift voucher once it was created? I would think there would be a way to do this in case of fraud or whatever.

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