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The e-commerce.

Credit Class/Gift Vouchers/Discount Coupons 5.10


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gunnarcheung: No it isn't compatible. I think this version will be compatible with all versions. Some of the php used in 5.04-5.06 was for 4.1 and above.


Godkid: If you could test that out on the test server I just setup I would appreciate it. I don't know any one with apostrophes in their email addy's ..

(my knowledge is so small you would think that an ant was a genius in comparison)

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gunnarcheung: No it isn't compatible. I think this version will be compatible with all versions. Some of the php used in 5.04-5.06 was for 4.1 and above.


Godkid: If you could test that out on the test server I just setup I would appreciate it. I don't know any one with apostrophes in their email addy's ..

Hi Strider.. will test.. apostrophe is in sender's name (first or last) and in reciever's name (first or last), not in email addy

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Strider.. the error still exists.. it's on the last page of sending the voucher...


so.. the voucher is redeemed, the customer sees the send voucher in their shopping cart, then clicks send voucher and gets the page where they type recipient's name and email addy... then click send and the page shows what they're sending, and asks if it whats shown is correct ... when you click send on that page.. you get the following error:


1064 - You have an error in your SQL syntax near 'Oyen', 'Williams', 'doyen22@yahoo.com', now())' at line 1


insert into coupon_email_track (coupon_id, customer_id_sent, sent_firstname, sent_lastname, emailed_to, date_sent) values ('14' ,'7', 'D'Oyen', 'Williams', 'doyen22@yahoo.com', now())




the member's real name I used was D'Oyen .. because of the extra apostrophe shown in the line with the red asterisk MySQL throws up an error.


It may be simply implementing an add slashes and remove slashes type thing like what I guess is on the create_account page.. but because I'm still a script kiddie even this is a little too difficult for me :( :D

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ok, so I was hoping to get away with getting this contrib up and running without needing assistance but oh well. I read through most all of the 50+ pages and did not see any mention of my question/problem.


I am running v5.03 + bug fix for reference. This seems to be the right version for my store. My store is VERY custom...


Everything seems to work. Admin module does what it should. Dicount coupons works fine. Got some test Gift certs setup in the catalog. Customer can puchase them, gets the email, everything is cool. they go back to the store once I release the GC and their account has the proper amount. They can shop and spend against it. doesn't require payment info if the Gift cert covers the full amount. Basically it does everything I think it should based on all the posts here.


Here is my question and not really sure it's a problem but I am stumped on this one. So customer A buys a voucher for $25. Logs into his account and decides to send it to customer B. This works great. Customer B gets the voucher email. BUT Customer B Does not have an account with us. If customer B clicks on the redeem link in the email, it does indeed populate their shopping cart with the amount of the voucher. the problem or my confusion is around when they actually finally create an account to purchase something from us. The initial value of the cert does not get merged with the new customer cart. Basically the cert dissapears. At this point I am trying to figure out how the script is supposed to behave here. I assumed it would merge the content of the "visitors" cart (w/voucher) into his newly created account. It doesn't. I guess one work around would be to not provide the customer with the redeem link and simply force them to input the code into the box during checkout - which by the way seems to work.


Just trying to get a handle around what redeeming actually does in this context.


Anybody have thoughts?



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Hello to all,


i have a big problem with the gift vouchers. I installed the contribution shown in the install file and everything seems to be good. Then I inserted gift vouchers as products with the prefix GIFT. I log into the shop with a test account and buy an gift voucher. Everything is OK and in the admin panel in the gift voucher queue there is the purchased gift voucher. Then I think I have to redeem this gift voucher, am I wrong? I have to confirm it with the red "Confirm" button. After this the gift voucher queue is empty. But under "gift vouchers sent" there is no entry about the redeemed voucher. I also get an email, that says

"You recently purchased a Gift Voucher from our online store. For security reasons this was not made immediately available to you. However this amount has now been released. You can now visit our store and sent the value via email to someone else

The Gift Voucher(s) you purchased are worth 50,00EUR"


But when I log in with the testuser I have no chance to see or sent the voucher to an email address. Also in the generated email there is noch voucher code in there. So I can`t find anywhere the voucher purchased. Where is the failure in the code? It seems, that when the voucher is redeemed in the queue by the shopadmin, something wents wrong. :( Perhaps someone can help me, I try to solve the problems with this contribution for about 4 days. <_<


Thank you


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Ok I decided to run version 3.0 and it works fine except for when you use the send voucher option where the user can send voucher to another person when the process is complete and the send_gv_process.php file opens it prints the whole php configuration out under the confirmation along with changing colors and making it hard to read. It gives out the same information as clicking server info in the admin tools section. Does anyone know why it is printing all this info on the screen, it cant be good for that to be seen and if i was a regular person I would assume there was an error and it didnt go through. Let me know whats happening, Thanks


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Just the same question as Hookupz, I'm also running a heavily modified version of MS1, which is the best version to use with this? I'm guessing 5.03? Or would 5.06 actually work with MS1? I've been trying to come to some decision over the last few hours, and am not sure which to use.


The shop is online and taking orders so I guess I'll have to test it out locally. Needs to be stable.


Great work guys, and thanks for any help.

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I have a question...

you have

120 worth of products .. 3 at 40.00

you have shipping of 5.00

you have tax on shipping

you have tax on products and shipping of 10%

you have a discount coupon that is for the products only at 10%

this coupon also applies to the tax

and the tax is recalculated

what is the total, what is the tax and what is the discount




now that scares you doesn't it


(my knowledge is so small you would think that an ant was a genius in comparison)

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I have a question...how do you delete/modify a gift voucher or render it invalid?


I see here how you can with coupons but gift vouchers seem to be there with no abilities to edit or change them


Also, how do you change the amount of dicount given to new customers in the confirmation email or simply eliminate this option without deleting it from the confirmation email code?

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Can you identify a discount group with a special referral link??


Another website want my shop to give discount to their users.


So are there a way that those users can simply click the special URL which is linked to our website, and enjoy specific discount available to that group?


Can anybody who use group discount or credit class mods tell me that if the discount code can be simply included in the URL address such as:







Edited by Johnson
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i finish editting/adding the files from this contribution, but i am facing this error.


Warning: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by (output started at /home/xybertoy/public_html/catalog/includes/languages/english.php:327) in /home/xybertoy/public_html/catalog/includes/functions/general.php on line 29


pls help me coz my site is already in use now

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i suspect there is an error in editting the following:


catalog/english.php (EDIT)

Add the following line to the end of the file just before the closing ?> tag

REQUIRE(DIR_WS_LANGUAGES . 'add_ccgvdc_english.php');


i cant find that file, so i assumed it to be in catalog/includes/languages/


pls advice on this

thnx in advance

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Voucher system is installed. Everything is working perfectly.. HOWEVER os commerce is not showing completed orders. People are paying via paypal, and usually the order gets placed into the orders admin section, and I can see it.


Right now I am getting emails from paypal telling me of payments that have been made, but oscommerce doesn't seem to know anything about them.


Is this a known problem if so how do i fix it?

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just change in





Set the amount of a Gift Voucher that the new signup will receive, set to 0 for none



Set the coupon ID that will be sent by email to a new signup, if no id is set then no email



it'll work




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