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Credit Class/Gift Vouchers/Discount Coupons 5.10


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Installed this today, but the coupons dont take any money off?


Ive just realised that it has some how 'removed' all my payment modules, i now have these back but its still not taking any money off?


Also the payment modules will only allow me to have one, so it says i have none installed, but i click on paypal express, and it says its installed and has all setting etc, so i uninstall and reinstall then its back.


I then do web payments paypal standard, and express disappears...


Any ideas?

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Hi all, i continue with the same problem described here:




// Start - CREDIT CLASS Gift Voucher Contribution
echo $order_total_modules->credit_selection();
// End - CREDIT CLASS Gift Voucher Contribution


In /includes/modules/order_total/ot_gv.php

		$image_submit = '<input type="image" name="submit_redeem" onClick="submitFunction()" src="' . DIR_WS_LANGUAGES . $language . '/images/buttons/button_redeem.gif" border="0" alt="' . IMAGE_REDEEM_VOUCHER . '" title = "' . IMAGE_REDEEM_VOUCHER . '">';



In /includes/modules/order_total/ot_couponphp

 $selection_string .= TEXT_ENTER_GV_CODE . tep_draw_input_field('gv_redeem_code', 'redeem code') ;
 $selection_string .= ' ';
 $selection_string .= tep_image_submit('button_redeem.gif', IMAGE_REDEEM_VOUCHER, 'onclick="return submitFunction()"');




I insert the code GIFT20 on the box, but clicking button_redeem.gif nothing happens!!!! Cannot redeem!

I dont know how to fix it.

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See the problem:

// Start - CREDIT CLASS Gift Voucher Contribution
    echo $order_total_modules->credit_selection();
// End - CREDIT CLASS Gift Voucher Contribution


That code must be inserted after

  echo $order_total_modules->sub_credit_selection();


pasting before doesnt work.

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Hi all, i am using v2.2 RC2 and have CCGV 5.21 installed.


Need Help ........ how do i exclude special products from coupons ????? currently i guess you can only restrict to category and product........have looked through the whole forum but somehow havent come across any issue like that.


Hopefully some of ya'll have an answer to this



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Can someone please tell me how the coupon discount is passwd to paypal express? I've been unable to find what variable it is putting the discount amount in so that I can modify my paypal express to work with CCGV. Running OSC 2.2 RC2.


Thanks in advance!

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I'm having an issue with coupons not being passed to PayPal. The coupons do show on the checkout_confirmation.php and are deducted from the totals. When the transaction is sent to PayPal the coupons don't show up and the order total does not reflect the coupon discount.


Coupon module: 5743

Paypal module: 5655 patched with 8763


Any help would be appreciated.




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