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UPS and USPS international trouble


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I have a basic install of osCommerce and I plan to ship domestically and internationally from the US. To my understanding both UPS and USPS should auto-calculate international shipping costs at checkout, but instead neaither doesn't include any data at all. Not even an error.


Here is where I am:


1. I seem to have my USPS account setup correctly, they have setup my account for the production server and it returns domestic shipping data beautifully.


2. I am using the correct zip in Configuration > Shipping/Packaging > Postal Code


3. I have tried to test with addresses in Canada, Australia and England. (Again shipping from the US)


4. I installed the Fedex module and it is handling international shipping costs correctly.


5. I just installed the USPS Methods contribution. It's very nice but didn't fx the problem.


6. Again, domestic shipping works perfectly. Only international is the problem. It simply just does not display an error or anything for UPS and USPS at checkout.


Can anyone help me out??

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Hey hey! I got it!


My inexperience is to blame. I misunderstood the "zones" dropdown in the Shippng Modules, thinking it was a tax-related zone and not a shipping zone.


Perhaps my folly will save someone else out there with a similar problem.

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