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It's the same old questions time after time on here.


Also people should be helped as to the best way to post for advice.


Absolutely pointless saying


"I get this error blah blah on line 167 of file blah.php can anyone tell me what to do?"


we then spend 2 or 3 posts just trying to get the basic information requried to help solve it.


We should come up with a checklist of things people should post for a problem.


Other things:


Many many many issues could be resolved by the following


Use a code editor with syntax highlighting


PHPEdit (one I use)





these tools show you when you have made a mistake through colour. For example if you had a string


define('YOU_WHAT','What's new here');


a syntax highlighter would show it as something like



define('YOU_WHAT','What's new here');


showing you right away that you bolloxed it up, thats all us professional programmers use, nothing magic about us.


Also get yourself a grep tool


There are free ones out there (PHPEdit comes with one built in, as well as context sensitive help for PHP functions, code completion etc)


What does a Grep tool do? It allows you to search for a string within a group of files


So there would be no need for "How do I change the title of my site"


Just use the grep tool to find every instance of the string "oscommerce" in your files, easy.


Now I realise that non-programmers/technophobes have no knowledge of these tools that are out there to help.


that is why we need a sticky section with this kind of information.


Anyone else think it's a good idea?

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100% agree.


What about a recommended reading section for n00bies, im new to osCommerce but not to php so debugging isn't hard for me but for someone that has never used a text editor before could find it a right pain in the .....

Dont forget to Search. Your problem has already been fixed before.<br>

Please visit Manchester-Fireworks.com.

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I like the solved button idea, but most posts deviate so much from the original question that you'd probably get a lot of false-positives. Still, some very good ideas running around. Also, I never knew of grep tools, and they sound like they'd save tons of time looking for where functions are declared. Thanks mikeq :thumbsup:


One idea I'd toss out, even though it's probably too much work: have two code buttons for when you're posting. One just to post the code, and one to post the code with colored syntax. I think it would be very helpful to some people that are still learning php to see just what people are posting instead of a long list of just code.

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It's something most of the regulars have been banging on about for ages now.

I see there's one topic currently pinned, but it's not really of much use.


We need pinned topics like "Read this before posting" with common problems highlighted and links to knowledgebase solutions. Problems that are posted over and over again.


If all it contained was the solution to trivial problems like

"Headers already sent"

"error in SQL near -20,20"



it would instantly halve the number of posts.


Don't hold your breath, though.

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